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Welcome to our More Than Pink team page!

As a member of this team, we are each playing a part in helping Susan G. Komen® end breast cancer forever.

Jelisa's Story: 

On March 4, 2019, my life was forever changed when I was told that I had breast cancer. 

Specifically, I was diagnosed with a low grade invasive lobular mammary carcinoma. The first two days after the diagnosis went by painfully slow waiting for the first oncologist appointment to get more answers. Thankfully, my mind was put to some ease just fifteen minutes into that first appointment. Although cancer in any form is a devastating diagnosis, I knew I would be in good hands with my oncologist, Dr. Joshi, and his medical team. 

My treatment will consist of five months of chemotherapy to shrink the tumor, stop subsequent growth and kill any cells that have spread throughout my body. After chemo, I will have surgery to remove what remains of the tumor. After the surgery, I will complete the process through radiation to kill any remaining cancer cells still in my chest.

The next year will be long and tough, but with a positive prognosis and a well proven plan for treatment, I know I can overcome. I expect this time period to be full of emotions and challenges, but it will also be a time for reflection as I will learn to slow down and enjoy each moment of my life.

I want to thank everyone who has reached out since the diagnosis with prayers, words of encouragement and positive vibes. This is the beginning of a new journey and one I intend to meet head on. This will not defeat me and I remain encouraged everyday. Thank you in advance for all the continued prayers, encouragement, time, and support. My support group is amazing and I am confident that cancer picked the wrong person to mess with!


Together, we are fueling the best science, boldest community and biggest impact in the fight against breast cancer. And we will not stop until this disease is gone forever. That's our promise.

Will you please join us in this fight by making a donation today and signing up to run with the J-Squad?

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